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Sound Travels: Dubplates, and A Whole Lot More...

Sound Travels Wednesday Dubplate Special Mix On recommendation from Jordan, I got back to some real roots music for me-- old-school dub. In some ways, the dub is simply reggae on an instrumental basis; but for me that is only partly true. Many of the songs that I played for you all on Wednesday have other versions if you will, that employ singers, deejays, chanters, singjays and whatnot and the dub is a reworking of the cut that often removes the vocal part and emphasizing the instrumental parts while adding a strong dose of echo, reverb and delay to "dub" it out. Parts of the vocal often make cameos, and some producers, like Lee Perry and Mad Professor (to name but two) even add dubbed out animal sounds from cows, horses and of course, Lions. As you can tell the genre is largely a producer-driven sound. And is historic because it marks a time of technical and conceptual innovation that though intrinsic to dub reggae, would become tricks of the trade for  producers everywhere from that point on. What I played today was a smattering of seminal producers from the genre's inception. A birth of necessity and of competition as, soundsystems were often local and dubplates were the ammunition for deejays to ply their trade and chat pon the track. The "track," is the dub, or version as it is also known. Versions today included some artists that would be an excellent starting point should you want to explore the genre to a fuller degree; this is what you heard... Tracklisting: Sept. 09-23-09 Keith Hudson “Highter Hights” Brand Lee "Scratch" Perry “Little Flute Chant” Scratch Attack! King Tubby “African Roots” Sly & Robbie “Dub Boom” Most Wanted - Fattie Boom Boom Prince Douglas “Jam Love Dub” Dub Roots Niney the Observer “Fugitive Dub” Observer Attack Dub Prince Far I & The Arabs “Abderrahane” Cry Tuff Dub Encounter, Chapter 1 Joe Gibbs and The Professionals “Six Fot Six” No Bones For The Dogs Augustus “Pablo No Entry” David Rodigan presents: Real Authentic Reggae Vol. 2 Sound Travels Monday Cape Verde (Mix) This Monday, I toyed with the idea of a week-long tribute to the music of Atlantic islanders from Cape Verde. If you were at Alverno's Global Union Festival this Sunday and saw Cape Verdean singer Maria De Barros, you know why I was inspired thus. Alas, I don't heve enough material to do a week-long run, so Monday is the only. A simple mix of music from The Rough Guide To Cape Verde. And, I also have the set from Sunday's Sound Travels, when I had a whole host of Angola gems from the '70's. I talked at length about the historical context of some of this music so I won't get in it here. Suffice to say, I am a fan and I think that it's a bit rare to go into that kind of focus on a sound that I daresay rarely gets time on the air anywhere. Oh but it's so beautiful and if you missed it, I have it here... Sound Travels Sunday Angola 70 Mix Tracklisting: Mário Rui Silva e Ana Paula “Picada do velho” Mário Silva “Bossa do violão” Luanda Show “Paxi kua N'gola” Campos Neto “Diá Benga” Marimbeiros de Duque de Bragança “Caiuana” Águias Reais “Bazooka” Lancerdo “Esperança” Paulo Neto “Tua Ndaleto Kutu Tumina” António Sobrinho “A N'gi Zula” Artur Adriano “Carnaval” Conjuto Os Tropicais “Saudades De Luanda” So Merengue vol. 2 Augusto Adriano “Mu lobe” Quim dos Santos “N'Genji” Ases do Prenda “Merengue Bombeiro” Ana N'Gola “Kidingo” Brás Firmino “Onguevaia” Mamukueno “Rei do Palhetinho” Os Giendas “Merengue” Chico Montenegro “N'gana Maria” Quibanzas “Cada Ngueté Vida Dé” Super Coba “Kossa-Kossa”

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