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"Make A Difference": Milwaukee Mentors | Matt & Joseph, Mentor/Mentee

Listen: Much like volunteering opportunities, there is a wide-range of mentorship programs in Milwaukee. Because they serve a similar population, sometimes they can be easily lumped together into a single entity. However, while their surface level goals may be the same, mentorship has many different faces and many different approaches. Milwaukee Mentors is an umbrella group of five youth-serving programs working to promote quality youth mentoring and to increase the number of adult mentors for Milwaukee youth. What does this mean? Perhaps most importantly, they maintain a convenient and effective website where you can learn about organizations in Milwaukee doing quality mentorship. If you want to get involved, they make it easy to connect with an organization and a youth in need of a mentor. It's simple. YMCA's One on One, an affiliate organization of Milwaukee Mentors', meets at the beautiful and bustling downtown YMCA. In an atmosphere that resembles a big family (I was lucky enough to see it in action!), mentors and their mentees do work primarily focused on academics and character development. Matt and Joseph, a match returning to the program after a summer hiatus, are in their second year together. Here is a peak into their relationship: For more information on Milwaukee Mentors,  visit their website . Also, if you're interested in getting involved with Milwaukee Mentors,  this is a direct link to their volunteering page. Produced by: Adam Carr