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"Make Milwaukee": Week 5 | The Gingrass Gallery


Listen: Between a shoe store named Shoo and a jewelry store named Third Ward Jewelry, you can find The Katie Gingrass Gallery, a spot teeming with equal parts art and venerability. Julia Taylor, our tour guide this week, has brought a number of artworks from Katie show room to her own home (more on this later this week), so this was the perfect place for us to talk about art in Milwaukee.

However, I wasn't expecting this piece to turn out the way it did, revolving around a conversation about the 3rd Ward's renaissance over the last 25 years. Listen as Katie shares some of her observations of the 3rd Ward, watching it grow from a district rife with empty warehouses and buildings to a thriving arts district:

It's so easy to forget about progress when it happens slowly, right under your nose. As Julia so aptly put it -- "A 25 overnight success for the city."

-More! Does the prospect of buying art intimidate you? Well, Katie wants you to feel at ease. Here are some pointers for first-time art buyers: -She's a pillar of the scene now, but she had to start somewhere. How did Katie manage to acquire a gallery in the first place? It basically fell into her lap: -In the 15 minutes or so we were in the gallery, Katie got 3 or 4 calls -- what a busy lady! In this out take, Katie gets Julia to answer the phone for her:

You don't need to have a mind for buying to appreciate the art either -- Katie would love to see you even if you're just curious about the art. Check out the Katie Gingrass Gallery here!

P r o duced by: Adam Carr