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Introducing Rana Sobhany | The First iPad DJ

It has been less than a month since Apple released the iPad. Some have call the iPad the potential saviour of the publishing industry, but what about music. The thing that what really impress me about the iPhone and the iPad is the innovative music apps. Some of these apps sound amazing. With only a couple of apps, one can create an amazing piece of work. There have been some artists to incorporate iPhones into their live acts as well, but none like Rana Sobhany, the world's first iPad DJ. An author by trade, Rana decided to pursue the new craft of DJing with iPads. With the limitations of tools such as Serato, I can see this being used in the arsenal in some DJs to bring whole new layer to their performances. Check out the video Rana demonstrating djing with the iPad. Also check out what apps she is using, and then visit her blog called Destroy the Silence. Follow her on twitter at @ranajune. You can even book her for your events as well.