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"Make Milwaukee": 2010 Election | Jesus Hernandez with the South Side Organizing Committee

Listen: Folks come up with a lot of reasons for not voting — they’re too busy, they don’t feel like they can make a difference, they feel disconnected from politics. But for some, voting is simply not an option, and it is these circumstances that highlight the value and impact of what some take for granted. Jesus Hernandez voted for the first time in the 2008, shortly after gaining his American citizenship. That experience stirred something in Jesus, motivating him to volunteer and later work with the Southside Organizing Committee. Listen to Jesus’s story (scroll to the bottom for the audio piece).

If you took the time to listen to and read this post, you really need to go vote in the upcoming primary! See our  “Voting Made Even Easier”  election guide for answers to all your questions! Also,  read more about the Southside Organizing Committeeand their efforts this election season.

Produced by: Adam Carr