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"Make A Difference": Environment | Sharon Adams from the Walnut Way Conservation Corp

Listen: This past April in Neighborhood Project, we got to know the Walnut Way community as part of the greater Lindsay Heights neighborhood. I spoke with Common Council President Willy Hines, met the awesome kids of their 4H club, and attended a Lift Up day where community members worked filling raised beds. At that Action Day, Larry Adams from Walnut Way painted the picture of their history in the neighborhood over the past ten years. A growing season later, I returned to that same plot of land for Make A Difference to interview co-director/co-founder of Walnut Way and Larry's wife, Sharon Adams.

There's a beautiful simplicity to what they do at Walnut Way -- they grow community and they grow food. In this piece, Sharon touches on both what they've grown and the process it took to get there. As you listen to Sharon standing amongst the Walnut Way gardens, think about the parallels and interconnectedness they've created between community and food. The planting, the maintenance, the weeding, the harvesting. It's all there:

Want to learn more about the Walnut Way? Check out their website. ALSO -- they are having their big harvest this Saturday, October 2nd! It's their tenth! Head over to the block between North Ave and Lloyd Street on 17th Street between 12pm and 5pm to check them out!

Produced by: Adam Carr