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"Make A Difference": Volunteering | Rick and Mequon with Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Listen: We're gonna do something fun today. After last year's Safe Streets, Healthy Kids campaign, as we were rolling into our first Make A Difference campaign, I decided to practice what I preach and get involved in volunteering. So, having loved my summer working with youth, I signed up with the Big Brothers Big Sisters site-based program. After a couple interviews (they do a really good job screening their mentors), I was placed at Mary McLeod Bethune Academy on 34th and Galena, and I was matched with a super energetic, totally whacky, and completely awesome 9 year old named Kiontis. In the past year, we've had plenty of fun, and...

I wanted to share some of my experiences with Big Brothers Big Sisters the 88Nine listeners! And since every time I'm at Bethune I see other matches having a great time together, I wanted to capture some of that in this piece too. So Kiontis and I spent an afternoon with a simple mission -- to hang out with the other matches and get inside their relationship. Not to have them say "we play dodgeball together," but rather than to see it happen for ourselves. Today, stay tuned for three of these pieces, leading off with Rick and Mequon:

Want to volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters? No time is better than the present -- they're smack dab in the middle of their "Match-A-Thon," which means they're trying to match 100 mentors to kids before the new year. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister today!