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"Make A Difference": 2010 Election | Starting With Youth & Ending With Stake Holders

Listen: Yesterday, we heard from DJ Willie Shakes' on his efforts leading up to the November 2nd and the 2010 General Election ( check out his election mixtape lesson here). When I brought him into the studios for an interview, I asked him to bring a guest with him and who did he invite? Exactly who I wanted him to bring.

Biko Baker is the Executive Director of the League of Young Voters Education Fund ( check out our Week 1 pieces with the LoYVs) and calling him was on the top of my to do list on the day we spoke. Biko has a long history in the Milwaukee community, including time as a soccer coach with the Simba Lions soccer club and Riverside High School, and today, he continues his work igniting the will and imagination of young people.


Listen to what Biko's doing to get young folks involved, particularly empowering them to take a stake in their community and the political process.



To learn more about the League of Young Voters, check out their website. Also, you can read more about the League of Young Voters Education Fund, a national organization that funds youth driven projects, on their website.