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"Make Milwaukee": A Thriller... About Stamps!

Listen: Last week, we got taste of Shakespeare on the 88Nine airwaves in our piece featuring UWM's Peck School of the Arts production, The Second Best Bed. This is exactly how we imagined the campaign sounding -- rather than just talking about process or creativity, we heard the work of a talented person coming through the speakers!

We continue in that spirit, spending some time with  the Milwaukee Chamber Theater's production of Mauritius. Get a peak inside this philatelically-driven thriller (if you're not familiar with the term "philatelically," the audio piece catches you up) from cast members Jonathon Wainwright and Sara Zientek:

Like the sample? You can check out the rest, now through March 13th. To learn more about the show and buy tickets, go to the Milwaukee Chamber Theater's website.

(Small correction -- in the piece, I said "step sister" rather than "half sister.")