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Last autumn, while recording in Boston, Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars met up with Montreal-bred indie folk rocker Chris Velan. Chris had joined filmmaker Banker White and Zach Niles on their famous trip to Sierra Leone in 2002 when the group first met and became fascinated with the band that eventually became known as Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars.During this recent reunion, Chris and the band recorded the song Iñez, a crafty mixture of the acoustic pop that Chris is known for and the unique African reggae and uplifting vibes that the Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars have championed. They filmed the session and decided to make a music video out of it. The song is not on a forthcoming album or on download, its one of those unique collaborations with no physical release. But Chris and The All Stars are giving the song away to friends and fans for free with the option to donate.

Chris Valen & The Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars "Inez" 



A heavyweight in the European mestizo music scene (much like Manu Chao), Sergent Garciais set to release his first full-length album in five years with the groundbreaking Una y Otra Vez (Time and Time Again.) A pioneer in blending the fiery Caribbean sounds of salsa, reggae, ska and dancehall with a punk attitude and continental style, Sergent Garcia's latest musical adventure finds him traveling to Colombia to dive into what is currently the epicenter of some of the world's hottest sounds.

Sergent Garcia "Yo Soy Salsamuffin" Una Y Otra Vez

Asian Dub Foundationget political on their latest release A History Of Now, which might not actually change anybody's convictions or beliefs, but may remind you that ADF are actually a pretty decent incubator of musical ideas. Their approach isn't revolutionary but their latest seems to give their sound some metal, heavy and fast. It works fairly well on this release, and that's clear on the cut I played today...

Asian Dub Foundation "Where's All The Money Gone" A History Of Now

Jamaican roots reggae crooner Richie Spice, is back with a new album Book Of Job, and it finds him dishing a few new and excellent singles as well as a few more forgettable ones. But those familiar with him will have to wait for a release where Spice can get his immense talent together for more than a couple of cuts. It is what it is for this talented artist, who while always finding some success, always seems to be on the verge of something more...

Richie Spice "Serious Woman" Book Of Job

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