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Matt & Kim & Big Boi Mashup Featured In New Film About Product Placement From The Creator of 'Super Size Me'

Do you remember the film "Super Size Me"? The creator, Morgan Spurlock, is back with another unique concept for a documentary called "Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold".  The film is all about product placement; but instead of just telling a story about product placement, Morgan finances and creates the film completely through product placements and he documents the entire process. Even the title of the film is a product placement for the beverage Pom.  When I mean the entire film is sponsor he really means it.



"The movie documents both the absurdity and pervasiveness of product placement in our daily lives and I saw my role on this film as both a filmmaker and an anthropologist. I needed to be careful that I did not become part of the punch line or part of the campaign. I had set out to see how important advertising is in our daily lives, maintaining that perspective was the only way I could get the movie made. I also wanted to maintain a healthy respect for all of the sponsors and what their goals are and meanwhile I remain the third eye observing it all." - Morgan Spurlock

The documentary also features apperances from Ralph Nader and Big Boi.  Big Boi has a track that is featured in the film, which is a mashed-up with a track from the duo Matt & Kim featured in the film. The track was remixed by producer Ruwanga Samath. You can stream via The Fader.


Big Boi x Matt and Kim, "CameraBuggin" by The FADER


Even the press kit for the film is highly entertaining (well at least for a nerd like me).