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Brigette Haley: Youth Leader Arranges Fundraiser for Kids Matter! Safe Streets Healthy Kids Week 8

Brigette Haley knows first hand what foster care is all about. As a teenager, she experienced difficulties that placed her in a precarious situation, but luckily, she was able to turn to a friend's mother, who willingly became a foster parent to Brigette. Since graduating from UWM, she has gone on to graduate school.  She arranged a hoppin' fundraiser for Kids Matter, Inc. at The Nomad on Brady Street in order to bring support, funding and awareness to foster care and kinship care. I attended the event (and I was clearly overdressed; I thought this would be a staid and formal affair)...and found the place packed with peeps; music bounced from the speakers and our own Marcus Doucette was there to share in the festivities. Get an earball full of this energetic and inspirational young woman