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Open Ticket! Sound Travels, Brazilian Hop

Sound Travels this week is in your hands; or at least the daily theme is. I'll handle the music, just chime on the theme when I ask on our facebook page between 9am and 11am every day this week. 

Today, Brazilian hip hop edged out acid jazz and Eastern Bloc Rockin Ska so I got the cuts up and played some cuts. A good place to start if you're looking to get into Brazilian hip hop or simply add something different to your collection.  Leandro Lehart isn't all that much of a hip hop artist, but on this song he does alright. Marcelo D2 and Black Alien & Speed are established and successful artists as big as any other hip hop name from Brazil. Voltair is an unknown to me, but they do appear on one of my favorite Brazil comps, the Favela Chic series. If you missed it, or are interested, take another listen to the day...

Leandro Lehart "Agamamou" Pimpolho & Sambapopbrasilmestico

Voltair "Se Liga Nessa"  Favela Chic Postonove 4

Marcelo D2 "Desabafo Deixa Eu Dizer" Fast Five OST

Black Alien & Speed "Quen Que Caguetou" Usuario

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee