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Centro Cafe brings Brooklyn to Riverwest/The Neighborhood Project Week 1

Centro Cafejust celebrated its second birthday this past Saturday (June 18th), and I was there to enjoy some Proseco and chocolate Pannacotta. Pat Moore and his wife, Peg Karpfinger, created this little slice of Brooklyn, NY on Center St. in the heart of Riverwest. I frequent this little Italian restaurant on a regular basis; the food is freshly prepared right in front of your eyeballs by uber-chef Walter (there are other uber-chefs, too, but I see him the most),  and the atmosphere is cozy and warm without being pretentious. I sat down with Pat and Peg at another Riverwest establishment ( Alterra on Humboldt) to talk about the genesis of Centro Cafe and  the couple's relationship with the Riverwest neighborhood. I also eavesdropped on some customers at Centro Cafe to find out what THEY liked about this Riverwest gem. It's a cornucopia for your cochlea...