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Sound Travels with Spacey Italodisco...

What a finish! Some nice Italodisco for you to end a week-long exploration of some Italian musical gems and oddities. Italodisco is really only sorta Italian and originally refers to the Italian pop music sold in Germany. It actually didn't get defined as a genre until after the fact, well after its inception. Nevertheless there are plenty of Italodisco masterpieces and I like the ones that I had to share with you today. If you like this sort of thing, you'll want to tune in to the Sunday mixtape as I'll have Italian space and afrodisco legend DJ Daniele Baldelli for a special guest mix. And if you want to make your own Italian connection, Festa Italiana is on throughout the weekend.  

If you missed the program, here are the cuts that I played...

The Units "The Right Man"


Michael Chapman "Lescudjac"


Number One Ensemble "Wojtila Disco Dance"


Mr. Master "A Dog In The Night"


Pino D'Angio "Ma Quale Idea"

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