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All Ireland, All Sound Travels

Wrapping up another week here on Sound Travels with a nice flourish of more Irish music. All week we've been highlighting some Irish music as Irish Fest is once again happening down at Henry Maier Festival Grounds and it just makes sense I suppose. Today, I had some modern favorites for you; one from The High Kings, one from a band called Ox and a trio of tunes from a compilation I highlighted on Wednesday, Ceol '10 Suil Siar

We started with a tune from that compilation, a comp that features Irish artists singing their top tunes in the ancient tongue of Ireland, Irish Gaelic. An artist by the name of Mundy, from Birr County Ireland who must be big across the pond as he performed the song I played today for President Obama during Obama's May 11th trip to Ireland. The only difference, this version is sung in Gaelic...

Moved on to an excellent instrumental jam from a band called Ox. I couldn't dig up anything on the band,but I did find this song on an excellent comp recorded at our own Irish Fest, and thought it a perfect song for today's set.

The High Kings also got in there with the only English language tune today "Step It Out Mary." Coming from accomplished Musical pedigrees, The High Kings grew up in households soaked in the Irish Musical tradition and each member of the band witnessed first hand the power of well crafted Irish music on an audience. They currently tour the world, operating and playing Irish music to sold out concert halls all over the world...

The High Kings "Step It Out Mary" - from the album  Memory Lane



The last tune was one from an Irish band that has a bit of history with 88Nine, Bell X1. The tune I played today "Bladhm," was a big hit in its English language version "Flame," originally released on their third album Flock. The  BBC described it and follow-up single "Rocky Took A Lover" as "two of the finest pieces of music written on this island", though lamented its lack of international success. Well, Milwaukee is international in the sense that it's not Ireland, so I guess I'm trying to do my part here, with this lovely tune. 

Bell X1 "Bladhm" 

And here's the English version, also quite catchy...


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