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Download New Album From Milwaukee The Celebrated Workingman For Free!

It has been awhile since we heard from Milwaukee's The Celebrated Workingman. Their debut album "Herald The Dickens" was released back in 2008. Now the band is back with a new album that is quite good, no wait really, really good.

"Content Content" is the name of the album and it was produced by Ryan Weber from Decibully and Eric & Magill. After listening to their new album, I have to say Mark Waldoch has to be one of Milwaukee's best male vocalists. Waldoch's voice definitely has a tinge of Morrissey in his voice, but without all that melodrama and sappiness and that is a good thing. What is even better, you can grab "Content Content" for free via their Bandcamp page. Check out one of my favorite tracks "Falling Piano." Check out AV Club's review of "Content Content" here.

The Celebrated Workingman will also be performing the inaugural Yellow Phone Music Conference on October 1st at The Irish Pub.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee