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A Tour of the Humane Society's Volunteer Offerings with Angela Speed/Make a Difference Week 2

Okay, I have THE best job in the world, because I got to go "behind the scenes" at the Wisconsin Humane Society with Director of Development and Community Relations, Angela Speed. I met with puppy-babies, kittty-babies, goldfinches, ducks, big dogs, little dogs, loud dogs, quiet dogs, and raccoons. Yes, ridiculously, outrageously adorable baby raccoons.

Angela provided me with an indepth tour where I met staff and volunteers who work diligently to ensure the health, happiness, care, and safety of these precious little critters. They have a Doggy Day Spa, they have suites, they even have a little pool for ducks and other waterfowl to frolic. Sign me up: I'm coming back as an otter.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee