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The Milwaukee Bicycle Collective/Meet the Need Organization

How cool is it to have an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that is revolved around bicycle resources for the city of Milwaukee? I’d say pretty cool indeed.

I met with Jason McDowell of Milwaukee’s Bike Collective along with volunteers Casey Wheeler and Molly Farison. They shared with me how the Bike Collective is meeting the needs of kids, families and individuals throughout our city. Whether it’s through bicycle education, hands on work with construction and repair or the fact that it’s a positive environment where everyone is learning from each other.

There’s ways you can also meet the needs of Milwaukee’s Bike Collective. See below.

To volunteer, click here.

Learn how to get a bike, click  here.

Info on MBC’s Fix a Bike Program, click here.

How to donate, click here.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee