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Thule-ish Beats

Sound Travels on a theme from week to week with music from one, or many countries. This week, with the winter white pouring its premium on the city for really the first time this season, my thoughts on a subject for the sounds settled on countries that seem colder; if only in my thoughts. Scandinavia came to mind, and then I remembered some songs I hadn't played for awhile, some super-dope Norwegian hip hop ... Afasi & Filthy's darkly dang "Sverigetrotter" or the infectiously smooth sound of Näääk's "Näääk Vem." Who knew Norway had it like that? And though their scene seems small, I think I really just don't know enough about it. This stuff should make you as curious as I am to hear what happens there in the future.

Nimo "Gungar feat. Näääk & Khaliffa"

Mofeta & Jerre "Din Morsa" This Is Swedish Hip Hop Evolution

Näääk "Näääk Vem"  Näääk Vem

Here's the vidieo for the Afasi & Filthy  cut "Sverigetrotters" that I played today. It's from their 2008 release Fläcken, and is Fläcken fresh to this day.


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