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Dave Niec: Night Owl Artist/Make Milwaukee 2012 Week 4

Dave Niecand I go way back. We were both in UWM's Fine Arts program "back in the day", taking life drawing courses with Prof. Steve Samerjan (who is a cross between Phil Donahue and William Shatner) and other faculty.

Fast forward 25 years, and here he is: a successful visual artist who makes Milwaukee by contributing ethereal, atmospheric paintings of moon phases, and stars.

Dave works at night...LATE at night--as in ALL NIGHT--up at his family cottage a few hours north of Milwaukee. His technique is unique: He lies down on a tarp, with perhaps a sleeping bag to stay warm, and then props his paintings up and paints them while he lies down (avoiding some major kinks in his neck).

I met up with Dave at his Riverwest home/studio and he gave me a tour of his space and his current work.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee