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City Of God; 10 Years Later, Real-Time

Remember when City Of God, the fantastically fresh and brutally violent crime drama set in the Brazilian slum of the same name was THE movie to see in 2002? If you don't, first thing you should do is see that film, then when you realize how out of touch you used to be, peep the update on the characters in the film and their lives since City Of God took the world by storm.

In an impressive run by a foreign film, City Of God was nominated for four Academy Awards, earned plenty of four-star reviews and is on more than a few greatest films of all-time lists (most notably TIME Magazine). Beyond the accolades, it's simply too fresh for any serious film connoisseur to ignore. 

Since 2002, many of the films characters have reaped great reward for their part in the film, which was watched by more Brazilians than any other film from Brazil. You'd think they'd all be successful until you consider the fact that the actors for City Of God were untrained, literally lifted from the community to play roles that for many, were similar to their real lives. So where are they now?

With a release date set for late 2012 (so like anytime now right?), documentarians Cavi Borges and Luciano Vidigal aim to tell that story in their documentary City Of God - 10 Years Later. Guess who's got the popcorn? Enjoy this extended trailer...  


And if you've never seen the movie, whet your appetite on this...


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