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Learn About Milwaukee Public Library's Free Tutoring Services



Students looking for afterschool homework help can look no further than their local library.

Teacher in the Library is a Milwaukee Public Library program designed to assist both students and parents outside of the classroom. At nine different MPL locations, children can get help with difficult coursework, improve study skills, and explore new areas of interest using any of the library’s resources. Parents can learn ways to help their kids with tough assignments at home.

“When they need homework help they can come in, or if they’re here and they don’t have specific homework, the teacher will work with them to identify an area that they need,” said Youth Services Coordinator Kelly Hughbanks.

And timing is important, too.

The program reaches students for a few crucial after school hours, keeping them engaged in academics.

 “We can’t possibly stop at 3 o’clock and expect that our kids are going to do well,” said Victoria Sanchez, an education specialist. “We’ve got to make that time after school just as important as the time that they’re in school.”

MPL also recently unveiled a new online tutoring website for those with a valid library card. 

Brainfuse serves learners of all ages and helps with everything from high school chemistry homework, to ACT test preparation, all the way to résumés and cover letters. Users can access Brainfuse from home and reach tutors one-on-one from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. every day.

For more information, including instruction hours, visit Milwaukee Public Library's official website.