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Sound Travels Sunday...Cumbia Space Program Mixtape

Finally. Got the Sunday mixtape here for you; a mix of mostly new electro cumbias from around the world with a smattering of classic golden-era cuts from the 60's. Cumbia is a bit of a new passion for me, but one that has consumed hours and revealed hundreds of new artists and songs to me. My appetite has bee voracious and in the year between cumbia mixtapes, I've managed to find significantly more music and many of the songs here are the fruits of the digging I've been doing...




Jose Larralde "Quimey Neuquen (Chancha Via Circuito Remix)" Rio Arriba
Dj Quien "Cumbia Libre de Mentiras" Ruta Panamericana del Sonido 
Gameboy "Cumbajo Remix"
Sonido De La Frontera "Mundial Dub" EP (2011)
Up, Bustle & Out "Mundo Insolito (Toy Selectah/Control Machete Remix)" 
Los Telez "Yo soy tu Maestro" Cumbiaton Musical
MIS "Cumbia" Cumbia! Bestial
Cumbia en Moog "Cumbia de sal" The Afrosound Of Colombia Volume 1
Pernett "Cumbia Computer (Zeb's Cumbia Reggae Instrumental)" 
MIss Bolivia "Alta Yama" Cumbia! Bestial
La Gallera Social Ciub "Carajito (Jairo Mendez Remix)" Ecos del Tercer Mundo Vol.1
El Nosotros "Mar Sexo y Sol" Bersa Discos #7
Systema Solar "El Majagual" Systema Solar
The Binary Cumbia Orchestra "Gigante (Original Mix)" Golazo
Los Alegres Diablos "La Motilona" 
Afrosound "Ponchito de colores" The Afrosound Of Colombia Volume 1
DJ Dus "El Sonido" De La Muerte
Little-B & Original Kose "LOVE CUMBIA" Little-B & Original Kose Soundcloud
Yomira John "Yomira en Portobello (Andrés Digital Remix)"
Schlachthofbronx "Chambacu" Mad Decent Volume 1
Banana Clipz "Coupe Cumbia" 
Systema Solar "Oye" Systema Solar
La Nina Emilia "La Penca" La Pelea Es Peleando

photo courtesy of Sonorama Chicago

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee