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Zaz! New Album, Heart Undiminished

Artist: Zaz (born Isabelle Geffroy)

Song: "Comme ci, comme ça"

Album: Recto Verso (out Now!)

French chaunteuse Zaz has a new album! Why am I so excited? well it's not just me, she's a young up-and-comer from Tours whose self-titled debut was très forte, and it ended up going Diamond in her native France and Gold almost everywhere else where French is spoken. It's not so much as who is she but who are you (who love beautiful music) to not know? All chiding aside, she is an immense talent whose heartfelt yet powerful voice is at once charming, vulnerable and indominable (as well as being totally sexy.)

It was with just a bit of trepidation that I approached her sophomore release, Recto Verso; I had loved her first album and heard this one was going to get major label love and I was afraid they'd shine the soulfulness off her sound. And they did, on one song, but for the most part it's Zaz that shines through all the sparkles. She's the diamond that is beautiful in any setting and Recto Verso is a thorough testament to that. The tune I had at 11am was gypsy cool, jazz manouche in the hands of a natural...



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