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CORE/El Centro Kids Day Camp

CORE/El Centro is a non-profit natural healing center in Walkers Point. "Our Mission is about creating access, building community and aspiring to wholeness," says Stephanie Calloway, the Garden and Nutrition Coordinator for CORE. "You can get acupuncture on a sliding fee scale, but you also learn about healthy cooking, go to Zumba classes and work up on the rooftop garden."

CORE also offers unique services for parents as they come to classes to work on their own wellness. "We offer creative space for their kids to engage in education," says Calloway. "We bring them up to the garden to get them involved, hold classes in creative storytelling and creative play times."

Expanding on their children's wellness programming, CORE held their first week long Kids Day Camp. "Were going to be doing everything from soap making to gardening and composting to making recycled instruments to cardboard box pizza ovens," Calloway says excitedly.

And what becomes of all the produce grown in the rooftop garden? For starters...a weekly farmers market with some of the best views in the city.

Information about CORE/El Centro's wellness classes or their weekly farmer's market found online at

*Story co-produced by Alison Henderson, 88nine Stories Intern