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Free membership at Betty Brinn

Anyone with young kids can relate to that nightly struggle.  


During the winter, draining those seemingly bottomless "kid batteries" becomes even harder, especially without as many outdoor play options.

But keeping your kid active is important, and there are plenty of options, even in downtown Milwaukee.

That's where the Betty Brinn Children's Museum can help.  

Aimed at kids 10 and younger, there is something interactive to do at every turn inside the museum.  Kids can romp through a fully functioning pretend city, complete with a play grocery store, a bank, and a restaurant.  Or they can even record a real newscast in the miniature TV set.  There are puppets to play with, indoor bikes to ride, tubes to climb through, and slides to glide down.  

Literally something for kids of all ages.

And if the cost of membership is the only thing keeping you and your child away from Betty Brinn, the museum may be able to help you there, too.

In its Family Focus program, it is able to offer free memberships to families who meet certain requirements.  Here's an excerpt from the official website outlining the criteria:

·       A family has a combined household income of less than $40,000 per year

·       A family receives assistance such as Badgercare Insurance/Forward card, Quest, Title 19, WIC or Medicaid

·       A child or caregiver has special needs

·       A child is in Head Start

·       A family has a foster child

·       A family member, who is a main caregiver, is deployed in the military

·       A caregiver speaks limited English

The museum does not limit the number of free memberships it issues, and it is willing to discuss other potential factors making the family eligible, a spokesperson said.  Click the podcast player above to hear the audio version of this story.



Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee