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'Mad Men' spoof unveiled at Gallery Night

Local designer Xavier Ruffin is on a mission to set the record straight about the world of advertising, as portrayed by the AMC series Man Men.

He says the show glosses over important racial representation.

"There were African American people working in all levels of advertising in 1960s," Ruffin said.

That's why he was inspired to create a video project of his own, poking fun at the original show.  In his version -- Mad Black Men -- the central character is a strong, hotheaded black man, trying to balance his career goals, his temper, and his dignity while facing pushback from a bigoted 1960s American culture.

The result is a tongue-in-cheek rebuttal to the popular show, simultaneously tackling complicated race issues and offering moments of comedy.

The pilot for the series will premiere on the website next month, and the rest of the episodes will be produced if Ruffin can secure the funding.  

For now, you can follow the project on social media, and you can click the podcast player to hear an interview with Ruffin.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee