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Competition brings another business to Silver City

Some small business need little help to propel them to that next level of success. One neighborhood in Milwaukee is giving people a chance for that success, through their first neighborhood competition. The Milwaukee-based nonprofit organization Layton Boulevard West Neighbors, spearheaded the Silver City Small Business Plan Competition. The idea was "all bout bringing a new catalytic business to the Silver City neighborhood," said Natanael Martinez, economic development manager at LBWN. "We see this as another stepping stone in further strengthening this neighborhood and bring new people to this area."


Our Daily Salt, the first winners of this competition, were able to relocate the existing wood shop in the basement of their home to a 2,000-square-foot refurbished space at 35th and National Avenue. LBWN helped reinvest $162,000 into rehabbing this commercial space, as they worked alongside owners Felisha Wild and Janelle Phalen to custom build this spot to meet their needs. Additionally, Our Daily Salt was awarded a $5,000 grant from the Zilber Family Foundation to help cover start up costs.


Martinez says it took a lot to put together this competition, and there are no plans yet for a second round. Find out more about the Silver City Business Plan Competition at Layton Boulevard West Neighbors here. Check out the story above to hear more from Natanael Martinez and Our Daily Salt's Felisha Wild. 

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee