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Tour Milwaukee County Courthouse

If you have ever been to the Milwaukee County Courthouse, it has probably not been voluntarily.

In my case, I was summoned for jury duty last month, which means I had a lot of downtime during the selection process.  I'll admit it -- I wasn't exactly thrilled to be there.

But as I walked around the building, I was amazed with what a stunning structure it is.

Built in 1932, the 527,000 square foot complex towers nine stories above I-43 in downtown Milwaukee.  It is primarily constructed of a type of limestone, complete with numerous stone pillars and ornamental sculptures.

Today, the stately building is still the center of Milwaukee County's government, housing the Milwaukee County Board, civil and criminal courts, the County Executive's Office, Register of Deeds, County Election Commission and many other government offices.

Click the podcast player above to take a tour with Facilities Director Gary Waszak.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee