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Weekly Download | Rainy Milo, "Deal Me Briefly"

This week's download comes from a London-based singer/songwriter by the name of Rainy Milo. The track, "Deal Me Briefly," was produced by Chet Faker.

"Every so often an artists comes along that stops you in your tracks, who shows you exciting new possibilities, who restores your faith in the transforming power of music. Rainy Milo is such an artist. Her voice is soulful and mature way beyond her years, while her music blends jazz, hip hop, R&B and pop into something effortlessly cool, forward thinking and hugely accessible. She has a natural affinity with the roots sounds of south-east London where she was born and raised with her Guyanese mother and British father. From putting up her first track “Bout You” at the age of 15, to self releasing her much loved Limey EP, Rainy is an artist who steps to her own bounce, is wise and smart beyond her years, as demonstrated so expressively in the lines of her songs."

You have 7 days to grab this download!!!

Download Rainy Milo's "Deal Me Briefly" (right click & save as)


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