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Wisconsin Bike to Work Week starts on Monday!

Last month, as a part of National Bike Month we saw National Bike To Work Week; well, things work a bit 'difernt' up here in Wisconsin. With an often chilly spring to contend with, someone came up with the shrewd idea to move our bike week to June. But why do you care?

If you have to go to work, why do it the hard way? You'll do it because if you don't you might as well sell that super-expensive bike you bought to someone that actully, you kow, does stuff. So do something!

Though chilliness still reigns, it looks like Wisco will be warm next week just in time for Wisconsin's Bike to Work Week and Wisconsin Bike Federation has a dizzying array of coffee-providing waystations to help you not only stay awake, but also to help you feel like you aren't so alone in this. On top of the commuter stops throught the city, every day next week has a couple of extra non-commute bike events to entice bikers of every stripe to get out and ride somewhere.

Highlights include:

  • Saturday, June 6th features an Oak Leak Discovery Tour
  • Sunday, June 7th has a group camping bicycle trip out to Harrington Beach State Park. Or for the more adventurous, a bike trip all the way to Madison(!)
  • Monday, June 8th the Bike Fed is schooling newbies on bike laws, gear, route planning and safety.
  • On Wednesday, June 10th you can bike to Downtown with Mayor Barrett in the morning and hang with him as he holds a press conference for... biking(duh).
  • Thursday, June 11th has a Bike to the Brewers event.
  • Friday, June 12th has a Bike Bingo Party; though I've no idea what that might be, you should prolly bring your bike to it.

This is just a rough outline of the activities, check in with the Wisconsin Bike Federation's Bike to Work page for more details. And for cryin out loud ride your bike sometime! 

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee