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The 25th Anniversary of SRV's death.



The Midwest is not a good region for musicians to fly through. We lost Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper in Clear Lake, IA in Beechcraft Bonanza a plane crash, Otis Redding perished (also in a Beechcraft) in Madison. Patsy Cline crashed in a Piper in Tennessee and Stevie Ray Vaughn died in a Bell 206B helicopter bound from East Troy, WI to Chicago on this date, 25 years ago. 

Among the sad elements of Stevie's passing was that he had recently emerged from a fierce battle with addiciton to rejuvinate his career and he was enjoying his greatest success as an artist. His influence is still felt throughout the Rock and Blues worlds.

Here's one of Stevie's best-known tracks: "Couldn't Stand The Weather"

And Scott Hill contributed a faithful version to a SRV Tribute album from 1996

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