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Director's Pick: A Documentary about the Black Panther Party

For Director's Pick, Milwaukee Film Artistic and Executive Director Jonathan Jackson tells us what film he is seeing each day. 




Jordan Lee: Jonathan, what’s your pick today?

Jonathan Jackson: Yeah that’s right Jordan, we’re very excited tonight to have one of the preeminent documentary film makers in today, Stanley Nelson Jr. here in person for the festival. He is presenting his new film which is garnering critical acclaim around the country; The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution. It’s a sobering, entertaining and illuminating look at the history-- the short lived history -- of the Blank Panthers organization. And we’re so proud tonight to feature Stanley Nelson JR, in person. We’ve actually screened three films by him, already in the history, the shorty history, of the Milwaukee Film Festival. He is a McArthur Genius Fellow. He’s won humanities medals from president Obama and he is here in person  tonight to share his movie with Milwaukee audiences. 

The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution screens tonight at the Oriental Theatre at 6:15pm and will screen again on October 5th at the Times Cinema at 7pm.






Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee