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Weekly Download | Darkstar, "Foam Island"

This week's download comes from the electronic duo Darkstar and their third album Foam Island.  You have a 7 days to download the title track. 

Foam Island, the third studio LP from Darkstar, is a beautiful contemporary electronic pop album, dealing with powerful themes of ambition and hope against the odds in the 21st century. Following collaborations with the likes of Actress, Wild Beasts and Zomby, and taking cues from peers such as Jon Hopkins and Four Tet, it is an ambitious record, buzzing with the energy and excitement of all the possibilities inherent in electronic music in 2015. Yet it is also one which has been shaped by the prevailing social and political climate at this point in time. As such the record is in parts severe and beautiful; combining hard digital rhythms and live percussion with colourful synths treated vocals and enveloping compositions.

Download Darkstar's "Foam Island" (right click and save as)

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee