Listen to 414 Music Live with D’Amato

Listen to 414 Music Live with D’Amato

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Milwaukee hip-hop artist "let his freak flag fly" this past Thursday

414 Music Live with D’Amato

In the opening track of his debut full-length album Counterfeit Paradise, D’Amato declares with syncopation that he will “let [his] freak flag fly, let [his] freak flag fly freely.” And that he does in this 13 track album.

With authentic songwriting that is too absurd to be faked, D’Amato gives audiences a peek into his world. And while the album is exciting, seeing the tracks performed with D’Amato and his 12-piece band adds another layer of personality into the mix.

We fell in love with this 2015 album and its creator, and nominated D’Amato for our 2015 Radio Milwaukee Music Award “Solo Artist of the Year.” If you missed the man, the myth, the legend live, listen below for the session and interview (apologies for the weather bulletin):