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Yo La Tengo Le Encarta El Cura

Yo La Tengo are like that comfy college sweatshirt you've had forever -- it just keeps getting comfier with age and shows no signs of wear. Maybe part of that analogy comes from the fact the Yo La Tengo have been around since I was in college.

So, imagine my joy when I got a press release from Matador Records informing me that Yo La Tengo have a new album coming out in late August and the lead single is a cover of a song that was popular right around my college graduation: "Friday I'm In Love" by The Cure.


Yo La Tengo's "Stuff Like That There" comes out August 28 and features this cover, among others. Kinda like a long awaited sequel to YLT's 1990 mostly-covers album "Fakebook."


I still have some comfy college sweaters (some of the Autumn variety, heh, heh) and still love Yo La Tengo.