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St. Vincent covers The Rolling Stones

While I had already locked and loaded my 5 O'Clock Shadow last Fridaybefore I went on the air. Tarik Moody posted a cool cover of The Rolling Stones' "Emotional Rescue", which was a shoo-in for today's Shadow. St Vincent provides the cover and explains why:

"i saw an 11 AM showing of 'i am love' at the sunshine cinema on houston street. i walked out of the theater in a daze, wandered into a nearby church, found the last pew, and wept for an hour. so when luca asked me to be involved in his latest film, i said yes a thousand times and then once more. luca, tilda f-ing swinton, ralph, matthias, dakota– all made a beautiful film. so proud to have worked with sounwave(!!!) and terrace martin(!!!) on this stones track. they are a dream team. hope you enjoy. xx."

And there you go, a great cover of a sleeper Stones track.


And Annie Clarke's voice matches well with Mick's falsetto of the original.