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The band least likely to cover The Beastie Boys pulls it off

Terry Richardson

The Beastie Boys 1992 song "So What'cha Want" is a stone cold classic. Fast and furious hip-hop from the masters. It would seem highly unlikely that the band The Record Company, with Milwaukee ties and a hardcore blues sound would even think about covering The Beastie Boys, but they do it, and boy, do they do it.

Many have covered the song, but today we listen to a version from Nick Cave & Shane MacGowan. I love this version because both of them are pretty much half-in-the-bag as they sing this almost karaoke version of the song. Imagine walking into a bar late on a Saturday night and seeing these guys doing this song at the bar.

Nick Cave is going to have a new album out on September 1st, called "Skeleton Tree."