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Check out this hauntingly beautiful cover of 'California' by Delta Spirit

No questions asked, 'California' has always been my favorite Delta Spirit song.

Written as a letter to his girlfriend on the East Coast, lead singer Kelly Winrich takes the high road in a tough breakup when he explains, "I want you to move to California for yourself: not for me." And for anyone that's been through a breakup (so... all of us), we know that wishing an ex well is definitely not a first instinct, rather, something that comes with time.


While hunting for today's 5 O'Clock Shadow I stumbled upon a fantastic cover of this song by LA-based group, Durbeyfield.

Durbeyfield's harmonizing female vocalists alongside an acoustic guitar and two upright basses bring whole new life and beauty to the already fantastic song. And as an added bonus: recorded in an old church, the natural acoustics really make it hauntingly special.

Check out today's 5 O'Clock Shadow: Durbeyfield covers 'California' by Delta Spirit.