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Norah Jones finds inspiration in the quiet moments on 'Visions'

Joelle Grace Taylor
Courtesy of the artist

When you need a little break from your hectic, busy world, maybe you put on some soothing music. Something warm and cozy. Maybe it's something by Norah Jones. But what does Norah Jones put on when she needs to unwind?

Sometimes, it's nothing at all.

"It's nice when I take a walk without clutter," Jones tells World Cafe during a video call. "That's when stuff pops into my head."

The Grammy-winning musician just released her latest album, Visions, and today she joins us to talk about how she often finds songwriting inspiration in silence.

Jones also gets into writing songs on guitar versus piano, working with young jazz pop star Laufey, and how much fun she had recording these new tracks with producer Leon Michels.

This episode of World Cafe was produced and edited by Miguel Perez. Our senior producer is Kimberly Junod and our engineer is Chris Williams. Our programming and booking coordinator is Chelsea Johnson and our line producer is Will Loftus.

Set list

  • "Can You Believe"
  • "Running"
  • "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"
  • "Queen of the Sea"
  • "Staring at the Wall"