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Get doused in sound by Rat Bath in the Back Room

A black-and-white photo of a basement rock concert with two women performing and a large group of people surrouning them.
Rat Bath

Milwaukee’s concert scene has a lot going on, so we look at the shows coming up to find the ones you’ll look back on and be glad you went. Then we add them to our weekly Milwaukee Concert Picks.

Milwaukee “spooky country core” band Rat Bath is one of the most dynamic and engaging bands to see play live in our fair city at the moment. They can go from a rip-roaring Mr. Bungle-esque hardcore metal jam to a tender-but-tough indie-pop-meets-country Throwing Muses-slanted journey, all in the span of a few minutes. The throughline is an air of smart humor that hits just right.

Rat Bath started as a My Chemical Romance country cover band but dropped that focus to bloom into their own selves, celebrating queerness and having loads of fun doing it. Find their debut album, Rat From Hell, on Bandcamp and find them in The Back Room @ Colectivo this Saturday, joined by fellow Milwaukee groups The Nile Club and Bug Moment.

It’s always fun to see our city’s scene (well-deservedly) stretch their legs on bigger stages and if you haven’t experienced Rat Bath live, yet, this Saturday is a great opportunity to do just that.

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