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Sleepy Gaucho's latest release feels like a late summer desert dream

The globally influenced Milwaukee artist Sleepy Gaucho is back with another Pan-American psychedelic track that's reminiscent of warm summer nights and desert landscapes.

The latest release from Sleepy Gaucho is an ode to a fleeting moment everyone encounters at some point in their life. "I've always though there is a certain beauty to a brief encounter, someone you might catch eyes with but will probably never see again. That's Lucy, wherever she is," he explains.

Sleepy Gaucho | Photo by Scotify

The licks and slide guitars are prominent and caught between comforting harmonies and nostalgic melodies. Featuring Patrick Sansone of alt-country 'fit Wilco, the folk-inspired track is a consoling welcome to what you'd expect the Wild West to sound, and feel, like.

Listen below.