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Twan Mack and Solana team up on new track, 'Rewind'
Twan Mac feat. Solana - "Rewind"

In the artists' words

Twan Mack and Solana announce the release of new single "Rewind." Emcee, producer, CEO, and entrepreneur Twan Mack has proven his national reign in Adult Contemporary hip-hop via captivating and quality music. Singer-songwriter, producer and actress Solana is diving into the music scene head first, proving that her artistry extends beyond usual standards. Speaking on love, regret and cheating, this unlikely, yet dynamic duet join in on yet another collaboration.

“If I go to hell, we gon’ go there together,” “Rewind's” opening lines set the tone for the rest of the song. The aggressiveness of this initial line in contrast with the delicate yet intense live string quartet in the background create a juxtaposition that is reflected in many different forms throughout the song: In the artist Solana’s sultry vocals in contrast with Twan Mack’s pointed bars. In the sounds -- the sweet, nostalgic strings in contrast with the sharp trap-like hi-hats and snares. In the subject matter -- the true love and regret over cheating in contrast with the hidden desire to do it again.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee