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Local party heroes Rexxx release pure pleasure on the aptly titled 'Pure Pleasure II'

This week's pick is a (well-worth) long-awaited release. After dropping their single " Lost Cause" last year, power-pop-party rock boizzz Rexxx have been keeping extremely busy -- playing numerous rowdy, jump-inducing shows (including 414 Live last week), providing prime 1A saucy, sweaty times, and finalizing the last few sweet, sweet touches to their first full album, " Pure Pleasure II."

If you've caught the group live, whether last week or at one of their numerous shows, you know their larger than life energy is nothing less than contagious. They immediately get the crowd's attention, draw them closer, and has them dancing along within minutes.

The true-to-the-core rock and roll group is what most people come to love in the expansive genre. Lead singer Zach Otto sums up their music as "driving riffs, pop hooks and a damn good time. We're heavily inspired by '70s and '80s power-pop -- sing-along chorus and music to move your hips to." And that damn good time is perfectly encapsulated into their debut album.

Rexxx | Photo courtesy of artist

Recorded at Silver City Studios by Josh Evert and mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering, the group wraps up their one of a kind, A-bar attitude into the short but exhilarating. "Anyone can listen to the tracks and get a pretty good feel for our live show experience," says Zach.

While the release took some time, Zach notes that the process is a good reminder of where they started. "Every release, whether it be EP, LP, or single, whatever, is it's own unique experience. It has it's own themes and personally in my experience usually stick to those themes. Everything maybe just gets a little clearer by the end if that makes sense. It's a marking of the closing of a chapter in our music career and lives. I'm not the same person I was when we wrote these songs so it's a good reminder of what life was like. As always though, it's on to the next one, we're writing the best songs we have so far, right now. Everything just keeps getting better, just trying to keep the chains moving."

The group doesn't have any plans on slowing down, but instead, throwing more rippers and going on a larger tour later this Spring. "Y'all get ready for 'Treats' hopefully out by the end of Spring. It's a snowball turning into an avalanche. We're planning on regularly releasing music and touring until I'm dead."

Listen to "Pure Pleasure II" below and catch Rexxx March 13th at 5:30 p.m. at the Fiserv for Flat Out Friday and March 19th at Cactus Club.