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VUCA and Barbara Stephan celebrates the mother-child bond on their new single, 'Lovely Child'

For this week's premiere, we've got the latest from the Milwaukee-based art collective VUCA, and the first single from their upcoming concept album "The Geometry of Lies," which is out June 29. You can stream "Lovely Child," a collaboration with Milwaukee artists Dave Olson and Barbara Stephan, below.
Vuca ft. Barbara Stephan - "Lovely Child"

Artists' statement

Over the course of the year, VUCA will be releasing a song alongside a Kindle Single every month. So when the album releases, there will be a companion book with a score... or is it a score with a book?

"Lovely Child" was written within an hour during a magical session between co-writers Keller Fitzsimmons and Barbara Stephan. We have a voice memo from this day and it's insane! VUCA will be releasing songs with Lex Allen, Worldwide DG and Amanda Huff this summer and fall, so stay tuned!