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B~Free drops some house on her new single 'Hate 2 Luv'

Few Milwaukee singers own their lane quite like B~Free. On her 2016 breakthrough album "Ode 2 A Luv Affair," she established herself as one of the city's foremost neo-soul and contemporary R&B singers. So it's a bit of a surprise, then, that for first official single since that album she's dipped her toe into a related yet very different style: house music.

"Hate 2 Luv" casts B~Free's voice against an inviting house thump and some bright accompaniments, including a hearty vocal turn from Durand Bernarr and some spirited sax from Curtis Crump Jr. In a statement, B~Free explains that the track is about jealousy.

B~Free | Photo credit: Jamie Robarge

“I think that jealousy is a very human emotion,” she says. “There are moments in life when we’ve all experience it in some capacity -- especially as it applies to those within the same fields as us. Rather than dismissing this notion, each musical section faces it head on from different perspectives, before arriving at the resolution that we can all run our own race without deterring from anyone else’s.”

Stream the track below.