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Yum Yum Cult share a twisty new jam, 'If Talk's All It Is'

For this week's premiere, we've got the latest from one of the city's true indie-rock supergroups. The band pairs some very familiar faces from the Milwaukee music scene: Palmer Shah (of Ugly Brothers), Charlie Celenza (of Soul Low), Sean Anderson (of Supertentacles and Antler house) and Myles Coyne (of Moon Rats, Vinz Clortho and, well, Myles Coyne). And sure enough, you can hear shades of most, if not all, of those acts on the group's new single "if Talk's All It Is," from their upcoming album. Stream and read about the track below.

Yum Yum Cult | Photo credit: Tiare Castro
Yum Yum Cult - "If Talk's All It Is"

Artists' statement

The single will be our final single release before our album drops in fall. The song was recorded partially at Silver City Studio and at home. It was self produced by our own Sean Anderson (aka Supertentacles). The song is about navigating the flow of a personal friendship and relationship much like navigating the flow of a river. And the song was sonically inspired by The Doors, Chris Isaak and The Clientele.