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Milwaukee rapper Dres celebrates the good life on 'Top Notch'

For this week's premiere, we've got a sprightly, summery track from Milwaukee rapper Dres. Stream and read about "Top Notch," produced by SpaceCrime, below.

Dres | Photo credit: Amaya Marie Photography
Dres - "Top Notch"

Artists' statement

SpaceCrime posted a snippet on IG of a beat he was working on. I legit was playing "Call of Duty Zombies" next to my wife and quickly freestyle'd a voice note with the hook and sent it to him. As soon as I heard the beat it spoke to me and I was immediately inspired. He sent me the record right away. It took a while to get this song done due to quarantine. I did not write the verses at all, they were freestyle'd in the studio. I had so much fun recording this record and just saying what felt right. My last single "Countin Racks" was recorded the same way, and now I'm obsessed with this new approach. All of my songs have been created this way since then. I love that I was able to rap care free and singing fun melodies on this new song. Lately, I have been putting more and more personality into my music, and it makes me feel fulfilled knowing that the person you hear in the music is exactly who he is in front of his loved ones. I was able to have a great team on this project from the cover art, to engineering and the mastering. I had to switch my team around this year and this was the first time I was working with them. I had to reach out to people who truly live this music life and have seen success outside of Milwaukee. That is what I am trying to attract, to be an attraction both in MKE and worldwide. I am super blessed that I was able to work with professionals who had no problem helping an independent artist who wears all musical hats in this business. They were involved and present 100% and that is what I believe a strong team is.