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Lady Cannon returns with a dreamy, beat-driven new track, 'I'm Gonna Steal Your Girl'

For this week's premiere we've got the latest from a longtime favorite of the station, Lady Cannon, the songwriting project of Milwaukee musician Martha Cannon. On the heels of her exceptional 2019 album "Fortune's Darling," Cannon tries something a little different on her new track "I'm Gonna Steal Your Girl," writing and recording all the instrumental parts entirely on her own. The result is a looser, funkier variation of her usual dream-pop, with all the incisive lyrics we've come to expect from Lady Cannon.

Stream and read about the song below.

Lady Cannon | Courtesy photo
Lady Cannon - "I'm Gonna Steal Your Girl"

Artists' statement

"I'm Gonna Steal Your Girl" was recorded and mixed in Vincent Kircher's home studio during the pandemic. Without the band to back me up, I had to write all the parts and either play them, or try to describe to Vince what I wanted to be played. The end result is something I'm happy with and sounds different then the usual Lady Cannon folk/Americana angle.

We have an AMAZING show coming up at Cactus Club, Sept. 24th, with Half Gringa (Chicago). We're also in the process of recording and look forward to releasing new songs (no release date).